Upcoming Event

Optimal Futures: New and Old Economies in a World of Data

December 12, 2019 10 AM – 4 PM
Mergenthaler Hall 111

From everyday peer-to-peer services to global supply chains, our economic worlds are in a transformation. Key to this moment are new modes of data gathering, standardization, and management. The constitution of labor, manufacturing, and consumption has become increasingly modular and decentralized, while optimization-powered algorithms have begun to suffuse everyday economic life. This seminar seeks to go beyond narratives of everyday neoliberalization to explore the spirit of contemporary, data-powered capitalism. This symposium asks: What kinds of calculation practices have appeared in this moment—and which ones have become obsolete? What kinds of data-powered work cultures, consumption experiences, and production practices are in the making? How do data-oriented economies reconfigure everyday life? How do materials and material-specific expertise matter in data-powered capitalism?

Details can be found on the event page.

Organizer: Canay Özden-Schilling (JHU)

Andrea Ballestero (Rice University)
Miriam Posner (UCLA)
Antina von Schnitzler (New School)
Caitlin Zaloom (New York University)
Canay Özden-Schilling (JHU)