Past Events

2019 Spring

2/13/2019 Automating Inequality: A Discussion of Virginia Eubanks’s book

3/6/2019 Privacy and Data: A Discussion with Anita Allen (UPenn)

4/10/2019 Big Data and Resource Allocation: A Discussion with Sanmay Das (Washington University in St. Louis)

5/6/2019 Algorithms and Accountability: A Discussion with Juliet Floyd (Boston University) and Matthew Jones (Columbia University)

2019 FALL

9/11/2019 Invisible Worlds Revealed By Data: A Reading Group

18 October: Pandemic Preparedness: Financing Responses in an Age of Uncertainty, a Symposium

30 October: Genomics: Precision and Uncertainty in a World of DNA Data, a Reading Group Meeting

13 November: Designing New Tools For Rapid Decarbonization: Climate Analysis Systems For Practical Action, a Reading Group Meeting

18-19 November: When Data Goes to the Market, a Movie Festival